Welcome to Grand Visionary Solutions

Grand Visionary Solutions is an enterprise set up by June Gamble and Gwen Van Spijk to meet the needs of community interest companies, social enterprises and organisations with social agendas, through:


·       Creating the spark for light bulb moments


·       Breathing life into the realisation of grand plans


·       Developing creative solutions to strategic challenges


·       Bespoke Interventions


·       Believing in the client’s ability to achieve their full potential


Working with individuals, management teams and organisations, Grand Visionary Solutions offers a range of interventions that engage and activate the client’s creative potential, resulting in solution focused action plans and/or well managed projects that meet specific targets and agendas.

“[The dance programme] captured the imagination of the TV commentators and brought a wonderful sense of the joyous involvement in the Tournament of thousands of youngsters and their families, many of whom were new to rugby league.”

Nigel Wood, RLWC2013 Tournament Director, 12th December 2013

Do any of these issues sound familiar?


  • The desire to build a sustainable business
  • The need to adapt your organisation in response to changing circumstances internally and externally
  •  Having to reach and engage a specific community sector and address a social problem
  • Needing to source and access funding to fulfill your aims/ambitions
  • Wanting to create a healthy and productive work place
  • A recognition of the value that cultural activity has in developing your business and profile


We will help you to tap into your creativity

in order to meet the challenges that you face.



Please contact us on one of the following phone numbers with any questions or to discuss your creative solution needs:


01752 290527


01869 338458


Please also use our contact form.