Collaborations and Partnerships

Training designed to develop participants' understanding of the strategies and processes involved in initiating and implementing successful partnerships and collaborations.  The material covered considers the partnership process from the original idea through to monitoring and evaluation, and offers practical advice and guidance on how to achieve successful outcomes when working in partnership with other individuals and/or organisations. Exercises and tasks provide insights into the ‘softer’ issues to be considered when working in partnership as well as giving participants a set of practical tools and devices that can be applied to set up and support partnership and collaborative projects. 


The course is suitable for entrepreneurs and individuals and small teams who develop, set-up and/or manage manage projects in the creative industries and local authority contexts.  

Learning outcomes include: 

  • Confidence in identifying and developing partnerships
  • Improved negotiating skills
  • Improved communication
  • Skills in conflict avoidance and resolution
  • Enhanced relationship management
  • Understanding of cross sector partnerships 


"I found this hugely informative and helpful and also very accessible and practical.  I felt it gave me a very clear and comprehensive structure with which to work.  I have many skills now that I previously did not have"


Participant (The Art of Partnerships Training Course for AMTC)


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